Clinic fully operational and a blessing for the community

ProjectsNow of the Netherlands, their funding supporters and the vision of the ProjectsNow doctors could not have anticipated or dreamt of the impact the renovation of a derelict bat infested clinic building and construction of two nurses houses in Namoomba Village could have made on the community.


As of May, before Musokwe was fully operational, Namoomba villagers had to walk 20 kilometers from the banks of the Zambezi to the nearest clinic at Matua Village. Now Musokwe Clinic is staffed with two government qualified nurses, Ms Mercy and Mr Nacilele and John Chinama community health assistant and Mr Easo Phiri, a community health worker.

Water for the clinic was a problem, although ProjectsNow funded, supplied and erected a water tank and stand, filling it was a problem only alleviated by Sobek Canoe adventures moving their pump down river to fill the tank whenever possible. Now the Siavonga consultancy development fund has provided a pump and the Ministry of Health supplying the fuel, water for the clinic is no problem.

In addition the Ministry of Health district office has provided a fuel supported motor cycle. This means that the Musokwe health team can cover the district to undertake ‘under 5 clinics’: checks on all children under five years. This means that mothers and children do not have to walk long distances for under 5’s clinic support.

The motor cycle also allows easy and quick transport of drugs from Siavonga district hospital to Musokwe Clinic. No need for Dr Wim’s intervention. The clinic sees some 30-40 patients a day as well as dealing with all baby deliveries. Only serious cases are taken by ambulance for treatment at Siavonga District Hospital.

A real success story with ProjectsNow capital funds generating health services to Namoomba District which otherwise would not have been possible. Without ProjectsNow none of this would have happened; furthermore the community has been inspired and have now embarked upon building a maternity ward next to Musokwe Clinic.

God Bless ProjectsNow say the local community! You have made a difference to thousands of villagers.

Andy Anderson.